WELCOME to Beaty.org and TheBeatys.net! This in an "internet watering hole" that serves as an easy-to-find gathering spot to link to all of our web sites. We'll probably use it to distribute photos and share information as well.

E-mail addresses are simplified, too. If you know the first name of the Beaty you want to send e-mail to, their address is simply:


A great benefit is that this e-mail address will exist forever. Internet Service Providers (ISP's) come and go, but we can all easily change our ISP and keep our Beaty.org and TheBeatys.net e-mail address. No more having to send out an e-mail to everyone in our address books saying that it is time to change our e-mail address! E-mail Steve if you need help setting up your e-mail client to show a return address from Beaty.org or TheBeatys.net ;-).

So far, the following folks have e-mails addresses set up this way:


Question? Comment? Suggestion? Write to Mike!